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BSP Filing Solutions has Purchased Data Visible Corporation!
BSP Filing has retained Angie Hunt to handle Data Visible accounts.
Angie can be reached at angie@bspfiling.com or 1-800-356-3494 / 1-800-368-3494.
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Service Scheduling System
50 Years of Proven use in Planning & Scheduling
Perfect for any service scheduling!
Keeps Navy and Marine aircraft flying!
Look what this system does for your business!
  • Shows your work load and manpower needs at a glance.
  • Improves your readiness for daily scheduling of events.
  • Instantly up to date, no waiting on the computer to catch up.
  • Everyone can use the system, virtually no training is necessary.
VIDS Image
How it works:
  • Each row represents a job, installation, service call, service vehicle, etc.
  • Each technician is pre-assigned enough rows to schedule his workload.
  • Use your current job tickets folded so the job name shows in the pocket edging after placement in a pocket. Each job ticket becomes a visual indicator for current status.
Column Definitons:
  1. IN-WORK is for jobs that technicians are presently working on. They could be on multiple sites/jobs at the same time, depending on where they are at time of service. HVAC Example: Pulling a vacuum on a piece of equipment, while recovering refrigerant out of another piece of equipment, while working on yet another.
  2. AWAITING MAINTENANCE (AWM) is any job assigned to a specific technician that may already have time on it, parts may have been received and scheduled to install.
  3. AWAITING PARTS (AWP) is for jobs for which parts have been ordered.
  4. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE is for monthly services contracted in addition to daily service call-ins. Customers may want visits daily, weekly, monthly, etc. to perform preventive maintenance on their equipment.
Board Construction:
Quality construction gives you a long service life.
The board is made of formed aluminum yielding a light weight sturdy structure. The work area of the board is made up with hinged card pockets mounted a distance apart so as to yield a shingled appearance. The bottom area of each card pocket is exposed to display the name area on cards or forms. The forms can be generated by
hand or from computer printed job orders or parts purchase orders. To see the entire form for any job, the hinged pocket above is lifted.
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